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2nd Jan 2024 to 28th Mar 2024
Half Term: 12th Feb 2023 to  16th Feb 2024

Today's School Dinner

Current Week: 2

Monday Week 1


Served with Sausages, Hash Browns & Beans


(v) Cheese and Onion Lattice

Toffee Frozen Yoghurt

(Milk, Eggs, Wheat)*


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19th July 2024

Welcome to Eden Park Academy

During a child's time at Eden Park, we want their learning journey to be a rich experience that prepares and develops them for future learning. We seek to use first hand experiences and opportunities wherever possible to make sure that learning is meaningful. We use a wide range of teaching strategies to ensure the needs of every learner are met and developed and we continuously reflect and develop our own practice to ensure this aim. We strive to provide a curriculum that develops the whole child and allows for personal, social, spiritual, cultural and moral growth.

Creating great frindship groups at Eden Park Academy
Learning to play the piano at Eden Park Academy


We engage children in a stimulating and creative curriculum, providing a safe and secure learning environment where all confidently embrace challenge.


We enrich the life of every child through a meaningful and purposeful learning journey, which takes children beyond their immediate experience to new and exciting opportunities.


We empower children to become resilient, responsible and active members of the community, using their voice to make a positive contribution to an ever-changing society.

Our Vision
Learning to write at Eden Park Academy

Richard Blunt

Executive Co-Headteacher

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