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Our Policies

Here you will find all of our School Policies:

Click the links below to read the school's policies.

Paper copies of policies are available on request from the school office.

As we are part of a Trust some policies are Trustwide, these include Appraisal, CCTV, Confidentialty, Cyber Security, Data Protection for the Trust, Finance, Information Security, Privacy Notices, Records Management Policy & Schedule and Risk Management.

Please click on the following link to view them-

The website lists information concerning Annual Reports and Accounts, Executive Pay and the names of the Trustees and Members and their information and duties-

The Tarka Learning Partnership website can also be accessed by clicking on the icon on the Eden Park Academy Home Page.

Policy Statement

Under the Education Act 2002/Academies Act 2010, all schools must provide a balanced and broadly-based curriculum which: - promotes the spiritual, moral, cultural, mental and physical development of pupils at the school and of society, and - prepares pupils at the school for the opportunities, responsibilities and experiences of later life.  ‘The SRE curriculum aims to do just this, promoting children’s understanding of relationships, including an appropriate range of sexual relationships and to prepare them for the emotional and physical changes that they will experience as they grow up.’

Statutory Policies

Admissions Policy Consultation 2025-26 - OPEN

Admissions Policy (Proposed) 2025-26 - OPEN

Admissions Policy 2024 - OPEN

Admissions Policy 2023 - OPEN

Admissions Policy 2022 - OPEN

Accessibility Plan - OPEN

Attendance & Punctuality Policy - OPEN

Relational Behaviour Policy - OPEN

Charging & Remissions Policy - OPEN

Children with health needs who cannot attend school Policy - OPEN

Complaints Policy - OPEN

Complaints Policy Addendum - OPEN

Dignity at Work - OPEN

Dinner Money Arrears Policy - OPEN

Early Years Foundation Stage Policy - OPEN

Equality and Diversity & Equal Opportunities Policy - OPEN

Exclusions Policy - OPEN

First Aid including Administration of Medicines Policy - OPEN

Flexible Working Policy - OPEN

Freedom of Information Policy & Publication Scheme - OPEN

Health & Safety Policy - OPEN

Inclusion Policy - OPEN

Induction Policy - OPEN

Lettings Policy - OPEN

Outdoor Education Policy-School - OPEN

Outdoor Education Policy-Trust - OPEN

Pandemic Policy - OPEN

Pay Policy - OPEN

Parent Communication and Behaviour Policy - OPEN

Personnel Policies Addendum - OPEN

Safeguarding Policy- OPEN

Relationships and Sex Education Policy - OPEN

Social Media Policy - OPEN

Special Leave Policy - OPEN

Staff Acceptable Use of ICT Policy - OPEN

Staff Development Policy - OPEN

Staff Induction Policy - OPEN

Staff Substance Misuse Policy - OPEN

Supplemental Funding Agreement - OPEN

Supporting Pupils with Medical Conditions Policy - OPEN

Uniform Policy - OPEN

Whistleblowing Policy - OPEN

Enjoying technology
Break time with friends
Creative play for nursery

The following policies sit on the Tarka Trust Website. Click on the Tarka Logo below and you will be directed to the correct site. 

Balances                                 Capability    
Complaints                            Disciplinary 
DBS                                           Family Leave
Data Protection                     CCTV
Safer Recruitment                Flexible Working 
Confidentiality                       Pupil Exclusion 
Staff Code of Conduct         Volunteers in School 
Managing Allegations          Information Security 
Probation                                 Grievance  
Lone Working                         Managing sickness 
Reference                                Special Leave 
Data Protection                      Managing change 
Dignity at Work                      Freedom of Information 
Cyber Security                       CCTV
Records Ma
nagement          Retention Schedule

Media Handling                      Risk Management

Due Diligence                         Directed Time

To view financial reports and constitutional documents on the TLP site, please use the links:   

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