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Teaching is the best job in the world

Teaching is the best job in the world and the world of learning has never been more exciting!

At Eden Park Academy we believe – really, truly believe – that every child can succeed and excel  through hard work, perseverance and commitment and it is our job, best served in partnership with parents, to enable this to happen.

We are passionate about learning and design the most exciting, relevant and academically challenging learning experiences that enable children to think deeply about the world and their place within it.

We constantly reflect, practise, question and challenge ourselves and our children to grow and improve.  We pride ourselves on our trusting, respectful relationships where everyone feels supported to take risks, learn from their mistakes and become the very best that they can be.

Learning is a journey we are all on and we look forward to welcoming you aboard!

Ms Samantha Warner - Executive Co Headteacher
Ms Samantha Warner
Co - Headteacher               
Mr Richard Blunt - Executive Co Headteacher
Mr Richard Blunt
Executive Co - Headteacher               
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