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Curriculum Intent

Eden Park Curriculum 


Our ambition is to provide an inclusive environment where every Eden Park child builds:

  • a belief in who they are,

  • a sense of belonging within their community and

  • an aspiration to use their knowledge, skills and understanding to be the best they can be in the wider world.

Our broad and balanced curriculum inspires our children to take ownership of their learning, making connections with the past, understanding the present and enabling them to make a positive difference to the future.


At Eden Park we aim to :


We engage children in a stimulating and creative curriculum, providing a safe and secure learning environment where all children confidently embrace challenge.


We enrich the lives of every child through a meaningful and purposeful learning journey, which takes children beyond their immediate experiences to new and exciting opportunities.

Enable Enquiry:

We encourage children to be curious and ask their own questions, working collaboratively, creatively and independently to discuss and discover possibilities.


We empower our children to become resilient, responsible and active members of the community , using their voice to make a positive contribution to an ever-changing society.

Our curriculum is designed to support the needs of our children through:

  • narrative and texts at the heart of learning to enable children to make sense of their own story in the context of others and the world around them;

  • high expectations and challenge;

  • a progression of knowledge and skills that are revisited in different contexts to support their long term memory;

  • weaving key concepts throughout the curriculum to help children make connections within and across different subjects;

  • fostering a genuine love of reading for pleasure and purposeful enquiry;

  • developing children who can express their views, communicate their needs, listen and respond to the ideas of others;

  • improving learning processes,  gaining a sense of control over how they learn leading to the development of a growth mindset.

Having experienced our curriculum Eden Park children will leave as:

  • learners who have an internalised set of values that guide them in good behaviour and ethical decision-making;

  • citizens who have respect for themselves and others by following the Eden Park Academy code of conduct;

  • resilient learners and confident communicators who are self-motivated and keen to embark on the next learning journey.

Hopscotch at Eden Park Academy
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