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Child and teacher in discussion in lesson

Pupil Voice

Aiming high and working together

At Eden Park Academy, we believe it is very important for ALL children to have a voice and feel  their views and opinions are heard and count. We do this by active learning in our classrooms where oracy, discussion and debate are encouraged,  modelled and celebrated.


Each year we also set up a School Council  of dedicated, organised and proud children at Eden Park. The members of the council play a crucial part in the development of our school and each member takes their role very seriously. They pride themselves on making a positive impact and they can see that their contribution is highly valued. They meet on a monthly basis and carry out tasks in between meetings. School Councillors are responsible for ensuring that actions decided at meetings are carried out.

Alongside School Councillors, we also have pupil librarians, playleaders and office helpers who play an important role in developing and improving Eden Park. 


We, the members of the School Council, agree that we will:

  • Listen to all suggestions and ideas.

  • Feedback and discuss ideas from Council meetings to our classes.

  • Always respect other people’s opinions and points of view.

  • Always work together as a team.

  • Set a good example, be reliable and responsible.

Each term the children share their outcomes in our assemblies and on the school council board. 

We will keep you updated with all of the exciting developments.

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