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 Eden Park Curriculum

'Engage, Enrich, Empower'

“Our curriculum at Eden Park Academy is designed with our children and their community at its very heart and the passionate belief that every child can succeed.  A wide range of teaching strategies are used to ensure that the needs of every learner are met and we continuously reflect on and develop our own practice to ensure best possible outcomes for all.

We seek to use first-hand experience and opportunities wherever possible to make sure that learning is purposeful and meaningful taking children beyond their immediate experience to new and exciting opportunities.  During a child’s time at Eden Park we ensure that their learning journey is a rich and engaging experience that equips them well for lifelong learning. We empower our children to become resilient, responsible and active members of the community, using their voice to make a positive contribution to an ever-changing society.

We are excited to have embarked on our journey with the Tarka Learning Partnership through which we have developed a sense of cohesion with our partner primary and secondary schools. These new links are enabling us to develop better outcomes for our children, smoother transitions between settings and opportunities for staff development where we can share the wealth of knowledge and experience that we have as a group of schools.”

Sam Warner and Richard Blunt

Executive Co-Headteachers

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