Music and Maths

Our newest creation has landed...

Who is ready to hear Eden Park's new version of 'Old Town Road' and get those mathematical brains working? 

Come and have a go at our newest number problem, made especially by the staff of Eden Park Academy! Listen carefully and note down what the song wants you to solve - you might need to listen a few times to get it all! Then work it out. If anyone can keep up with the song and answer straight away, you are pure genius! Send your answers in to our our home learning email:

Enjoy everybody! 


Old Town Road Maths Problem (teacher edition)

Musical Maths Problems!

Can you solve the problems?

Before we left school, some of our year 6's helped to remake a new version of a popular song (in a very small amount of time) and turn it into a maths problem! The song we changed was 'Somebody You Loved' by Lewis Calpaldi. 

Grab a pen and pencil to jot down what you need to do from listening to the song carefully! You might need to play it a few times to make sure you write it down correctly, then have a go at solving! Keep your answers safe so we can check who got it correct when we are all back together! 

Keep checking back to this page... you never know when a new song might appear!

Hit the link below! 

Musical Maths Problems

New Maths Problem! 

Miss Yeo, and the children in her class during the last couple of weeks, have been busy recording our new maths problem! Here you will see and hear them singing our remake of the song 'Rewrite the Stars'. Can you find the answer? Listen to the lyrics carefully and write down what it tells you to to do! Then work through and solve the problem! Send your answers to our email: to see if you are right! 

Keep your eyes peeled... the teachers have been working hard on their own maths problem and video which will be arriving soon! 

Rewrite the Stars Maths Song