Happy Easter

Happy Easter Everybody!

With the Easter holidays officially starting, we have added some fun Easter activities for all of KS2 to complete with their families. You can find this in the document list below! 

Keep coming back regularly for some more Easter ideas and tasks! 

Enjoy everybody =) 


A quick Easter number puzzle! 

Who thinks they know the answer? 

Easter number puzzle

Geometric Easter Designs!

Look at these eye-catching geometric Easter designs! They would look fantastic on an Easter card for a loved one or even just as a picture on their own. I thought some of you might like to have a go at your own so I have attached the templates below. You may even like to start from scratch by drawing an egg shape on paper, then use a ruler (or an edge of a book) to help you draw your geometric design! 


Geometric Easter Designs!

Geometric Easter Designs


Easter Maths Activities

Here are a few Easter themed maths activities you could have a go at! You will find some involving reflection, enlarging a picture, and some mysteries to solve (I will post the answers to the mystery next week)! Enjoy everybody!