Year 5/6 Swallow

A special Science visit from Mr Plaza! 

Swallow Class have had a fantastic morning today learning about different kinds of forces with Mr Plaza from The Park Community School. We took part in a range of activities that demonstrate contact and non-contact forces, such as friction, air resistance, magnetic force and many more. Take a look at some of our pictures in the gallery! 

Cracking Contraptions

Since coming back from the Christmas holidays, we have started our new learning about Cracking Contraptions. So far, this has led us to create own 'Mechanimals' in art, which were inspired by Malkin the mechanical fox in the book 'Cogheart'; learn about mechanisms in Science such as pulleys, levers and gears, and use this to design our own innovative machines; take part in our own 'Dragons' Den' to persuade investors to invest in the 'Bully-Proof Vest' as well as learning about fantastic forces in the context of the fairground (this has also been a big part of our maths work this week too!) 

In the coming weeks we will be learning about important inventors in Bristish History, such as Brunel and Alexander Graham Bell. 

Welcome back to the new school year!

Swallow class has had an excellent start to the year already and we are very much looking forward to the year ahead. We are starting the year by travelling back in time and learning about the Victorians. Some of us were very surprised by the school rules children in the victorian era had to follow, but luckily for Swallow Class we changed a few for our own classroom!



Swallow Teaching Staff

Mrs Litherland

Mrs Litherland

Year 5/6 Teacher

Mrs Angell

Mrs Angell

Teaching Assistant

Miss Spearman

Miss Spearman

Teaching Assistant

"What humans do over the next fifty years will determine

the fate of all life on the planet."

David Attenborough 

David Attenborough

This term our topic is Animals. 


Swallow class began their learning by revisiting their knowledge of mammals, birds, amphibians and insects (invertebrates and vertebrates). During our learning, we have learnt lots of new vocabulary including metamorphosis. 

"Metaphorphosis is the process of change, that some animals go through to become adults." Saman. 

"Complete metamorphosis happens over four stages - egg, larva, pupa, adult insect." Destiny. 

"Incomplete metamorphosis happens over three stages - egg, lava or nymph and adult nymph." Corey. 

First News - a hit with Swallow Class!

Since the beginning of our animals topic, we have noticed that First News is reporting on worrying climate changes, which are having a profound impact on our planet. As a class, we decided to investigate this further and have been researching the effects of plastic, pollution and deforestation on our planet. 

Joey and Corey have collected lots of articles they have been reading in newspapers, online and in non-fiction texts - if you visit our classroom you can borrow them to read...

Swallow Class are writing to David Attenborough!

"20% of the worlds oxygen comes from rainforests - they are being destroyed faster than ever!" Natalie

Swallow class are deeply concerned for the rainforests of the world. After researching their importance and understanding that they are a vital source of oxygen, timber, medicine, food, income and house over 50% of the world's species of animal and plant the class are keen to raise awareness of the effects of deforestation. Ruby and Abby-Rose have been collecting ideas to present to school council on ways the school can help - watch this space! 




"Shouldn't deforestation be illegal?" Skye and Corey asked in one of our science/topic lessons. 

Corey and Skye gave us the idea for our next piece of writing - a balanced arguement questioning whether deforestation should be made illegal. Before we began our writing, Mrs Luxton and Miss Angell helped us to debate in 'Parliament' the varying sides of the argument. Everyone in class was given a different role including: Pharamacist, Conservationlist, Restuarant Owner, Inhabitant, Logger, Farmer, Government Official or Environmental Scientist and had to take on this role for the debate. Abby-Rose and Ruby lead the way and soon we were all joining in. Josie presented a very clear and concise argument for the Inhabitants, while Tegan opposed suggests of reform as she represented the Government Officials. At the end of the debate, in our closing statements, everyone referred back to the Government Officials and as a class we decided that the Government are the key to change. 


We have just finished our balanced arguments - they will shortly be posted to David Attenborough along with some fantastic artwork we have produced. 

You will be able to see all of our work from this topic on display in school very soon!