Theseus and the Minotaur

In PE this week, we incorporated some drama activities to bring the myth of Theseus and the Minotaur alive. Using some of the gym skills we learnt last year and drama skills such as freeze frame, improvisation and thought-tracking, we were able to show the powerful King Minos and his servants, the city of Athens and the attacking army of Knossos.


King Minos 

These freeze frames show King Minos in the Palace of Knossos. You'll notice in our photos that we used levels (high and low) to show status and power. We experimented with placing people in different positions in the freeze frame and analysed how this may have increased or decreased their power and status. Lots of the class were using facial expressions and body language to convey to the audience how their character felt about King Minos. 



We improvised a scene to show the city of Athens using our knowledge from our History research. You'll see characters praying at temples, shopping in the market, and voting in democractic votes. 


The approaching army

A citizen of Athens spotted the approaching King Minos and his armies aboard boats on the Agean Sea. We created another freeze frame to show the terror and panic in the city. Our use of facial expressions and body language were very strong in these freeze frames.