Reading in Swallow Class

As a class, we are working together to ensure we are reading every day at home for at least 20 minutes. We have also been challenging ourselves by choosing new authors, genres and levels of difficulty.

Reading in Swallow Class

We know that good readers use their imagination to picture what they are reading, ask questions and think carefully about what they are reading. One of the  most important things good readers do is use the vocabulary to change the picture in their head and understand what is happening. We have recently started to use our vocabulary detective books to record new vocabulary we find while reading. We record the word accurately, find out its meaning and then try to use it in our own work. 

Reading in Swallow class

Reading in Swallow Class - our new challenge


We are now challenging ourselves to read non-fiction texts regularly. On Thursdays we will be reading non-fiction in class and sharing the information we have read about with our learning partners. 


Next time you see us, ask about the books we are currently reading. 

Reading our non-fictionReading non-fictionReading non-fiction