One morning, we arrived in school to find a delievery had arrived over the weekend... a letter from the Auror Department of the Ministry of Magic!

Opening our letters from the Ministry

The letter requested our help to investigate crimes relating to the dark arts on Exmoor. The Auror Department believed that a dark wizard was putting magical and muggle communities at risk - it was our challenge to discover the name of this wizard. 

Before departing for our adventure, we have had to consider survival on the moors including rations and made a magical flapjack, create a Ministry of Magic identity card, ensure we were disguised from muggles and learn about the Country Code and Road Code for our safety. We also used atlases and our knowledge of the compass to understand better the conditions we would be facing on the moors. 

On Tuesday 9th October 2018, Swallow class arrived in school to find another letter from the Ministry. This time it was a clue for where to begin our quest. We were eager and curious to begin our adventure...

We travelled by coach to Killerton on Exmoor. From this point onwards it was the children who were in charge! 

They had to work together, in small groups, pairs and individually to read clues, solve puzzles and lead us across the moor.  Each team took it in turns to organise the groups and their equipment; this tested our communication, listening, reasoning and organisational skills.  We discovered that some of us are natural leaders while others needed some encouragement and support from their friends.  

Working together as a team. Small group work

As we made our way across the moor, we met a Ministry of Magic official – Edward Weasley.


Mr Weasley

Mr Weasley kept turning up expectantly and we were especially grateful for his help with passing through the forbidden forest and crossing the waterway.


Along the way, the children collected stamps to validate a travel permit and magical items to protect them from enchantments, curses and even a troll! Their adventure ended with a thrilling ride on the Muggle Express.


Who was the dark wizard?

Thanks to our hard work that day, the Ministry has apprehended  and detanded the dark wizard - Peter Pettigrew. 

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