A surprise visit from Mr Weasley. 

On Monday 12th September, Swallow Class found another package which had been delievered to their store cupboard. 

Potions Package

The letter on the front read...

Swallow Class

I have just received an urgent owl, from the Ministry, detailing your next quest. As a matter of priority, ensure that the egg remains cool (heat will speed up the hatching process). Later today, I will arrive at your muggle school with my potion making kit.  Ensure your dungeon is prepared:

·       desks in pairs and rows

·       have your text books ready

·       ask your professor to organise you into potion making partners

 Our work will be crucial to your success in this challenge.

Once again, keep the egg cool and ensure no wizard or muggle knows of its whereabouts. Edward Weasley.


Inside the box was potion ingredients and equipment. We patiently waited for Mr Weasley's arrival!

Mr Weasley

Mr Weasley didn't disapoint!

He had his potion making kit with him and instructions detailing how to make a potion which would cure dragon burns. 

The potion kit was fascinating! We had never seen dried frog's skin, bat droppings and cones from the Forbidden Forest. Equally as interesting was Mr Weasley's wand, which we used to stir clockwise and anti-clockwise and to annunciate the charm correctly. Mixing all of the ingredients together and following the instructions wasn't easy! Skye read out the method and we had to work together as a team to prepare each ingredient accurately. 


Preparing the leavesPreparing the ingredientsPotions with Mr Weasley

During the simmering of the potion we realised that we had made a mistake!

Instead of mixing Floo Powder with Professor Snape's Enchanted Well Water; we mixed Mountain Salt with it.  Luckily, we knew this was a reversible change. If we heated the solution, the water would evaporate leaving the Moutain Salt in the pan. 

Reversible change

Finally, we had our finished potion! 

Finished potion

Next, we worked in pairs to make a collection of potions for our challenge ahead. 

When the egg hatches we will need to be fully prepared and now we have three potions ready:

1) A potion to heal raking claws

2) A potion to heal the sting of a spikey tail 

3) A potion to heal the ferocious burn of a firey breathe

This time our potion was an irreversible change. We mixed together Floo Powder and Mandrake Juice, which caused a chemical reaction. The mixture froathed and foamed out of the jar - to our great delight! We mixed the foam with a colouful solution and bottled each potion.