The curriculum should be engaging, enriching and empowering for all children. It must be appropriate to their needs and equip them for life long learning. It should be stimulating, exciting, rich and varied and show the children that there is a wide world for them to experience.

Extended Schools

Our school is a community within a community. It is a centre for learning and positive social interactions for children, whilst working in partnership with our wider community to provide a range of opportunities for all.


The school has high expectations and encourages children to make sensible choices and develop good self control in order to succeed.


Children’s learning experience should be stimulating, interesting and enjoyable. The school aims to provide support and encouragement for talents and interests in all areas. All children need to be challenged in order to ensure that they achieve their full potential according to their individual starting points. The school acknowledges that SATS are the end measure of each child’s learning experience.

Reading at Eden Park Academy