Wednesday 11th September 2019

From Monday 9th September we will be running a daily Morning Club starting at 8am at a cost of £1.50 per child per session. This will be run by Primary Sports UK and they will organise sporting activities along with other options.

The children will register and meet in the hall and can arrive from 8am onwards; they will be taken to their classes at 9am. Toast, cereal and a drink will be available.

We will no longer be offering free supervision in the mornings. Unless children are attending the Morning Club they should not be on the school grounds until 8.50am.

We are also offering our own After School Club on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays until 4.30pm at a cost of £2 per child per session. This club will offer supervision for children to play with their friends and will provide craft, construction and outdoor activities. A drink and biscuits will be provided. Children will register and be collected from the huts.

In addition Primary Sports are able to offer an After School Multi Skills Club on Thursdays until 4.30pm for £2.

It will be necessary to book and pay for all these sessions at least a week in advance and bookings are now being taken by the School Office.

Please be aware that the school will need to provide Primary Sports with essential information about your child. If you have any concerns please ask at the School Office.

Thank you