We have made this page to put up some extra learning, activities, games and support for those that might need. We will try and update it regualrly so you always have plenty of things you can be getting up to!


Check out this Weather For Kids website to find out all about thunderstorms and lots of other types of weather too!


Half Term Activities

Fun Food Ideas!



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  • Twinkl - A teachers life saver! This website is full of worksheets, PowerPoints, posters, activities, colouring sheets etc. It also currently has a Home Learning Hub with new ideas each day. Its is free to sign up and definately worth a look!
  • BBC Bitesize - This website is always great but is currently also putting up 'Daily Lessons' for children in all year groups a wide range to subjects. 
  • Oxford Owl eBook Library - Another one that is free to sign up to and full of online books for your child to read. The books are very similar to the ones the children take home and you can even select their book band colour. While the UK schools are closed, they have emporarily added hundreds more eBooks to the library so your child has more to read.
  • NASA Kids Club - Great for our current space topic. Lots of spacey information, activities and games to have a go at!
  • Wordsearches - I know how much you love doing a wordsearch. This wesbite as lots of different ones that you can do online!

Space Craft Ideas

space craft