Welcome to Ash House!

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Ash House

Our House Captains and Vice Captain. 

Meet our house Captains and Vice Captain...

Lucy and Sam are our House Captains. They have both been overseeing the collection of house points and supporting younger members of our house to transition into the main school. Jayden is our Vice Captain. He was chosen last week after several members of staff noticed how kind and helpful he was being in the lunch hall. 

Hopefully more Vice Captains will be chosen in the coming weeks. 

Friday Golden Time

We all enjoyed wearing non-school uniform on Friday and ended our day with Golden Time. Lots of us enjoyed learning new card games and playing 'Guess Who'. 

It was also Neave's birthday and we all sung 'Happy Birthday' to her. Neave told us all about her birthday weekend ahead - we hope you enjoy yourself Neave! 


Our second house meeting 

This week we had our second house meeting. We began by congratulating Chase for winning the most amount of house points for Ash - Well done Chase!

Our focus was bullying which Mrs Hawksworth lead for us. We began by discussing what bullying was and agreed that bullying can happen in many different ways - including online. Our older house members remindered us what we have learnt in ICT about keeping ourselves safe online and what we should do if we are being bullied online. Then our younger members shared ideas about what we can do if we are being bullied in school as well as what to do if we see someone being bullied.  By the end of our meeting, we all agreed that bullying and falling out are very different things. We now have lots of strategies we can use if we fall out with someone. 

Eden Park is a bully free zone, although we may have the occasional falling out, we are lucky to have a friendly and safe school community. 

Friendship Potion and Our First Golden Time

This week was our first house meeting and Golden Time. Our focus was friendship - one of our school values. 

We discussed things we value in our friendships including laughter, honesty, trust and smiling. Then in small groups we created a potion for friendship. The younger children thanked the older members for helping them with their spelling and writing. Everyone agreed that our school is full of good friends and that we enjoy friendships across year groups. 

As it was a beautiful sunny day, Ash House voted to end our day with Golden Time outside. Miss Dyer taught groups how to play 'Polo', while Mrs Hawksworth was playing 'Hopscotch'.